November 27, 2014 · community

Thanks & "RubyConf or Bust!" Follow Up

This Thanksgiving I wanted to give a special shout-out to those who donated to our indiegogo campaign, RubyConf or Bust!, which enabled Hsing-Hui and me to get down to San Diego earlier this month for our talk.

Thanks to extra donations and generous co-attendees who bought me macarons, margaritas, & armfuls of late-night candy, I came in under budget by $130. Today I donated that amount to the fantastic organization Black Girls Code!

screenshot of our indiegogo campaign

If you missed the thank you slides in our talk, here's a list of the companies that paid for "corporate sponsorship" of our talk as well as a partial list of the individuals who contributed to our campaign. You can also check out my experience at RubyConf in this blog post. We wouldn't have been able to get there without each and every one of you!


Hilary Mead
Cathleen Hartge
Kerri Miller
David Zucker
Elizabeth Uselton
Serene Careaga
Katherine Wu
Christopher Hintz
Brett P. Holt
Rachel A Walls
Jesse Cooke
Jeremy Price
Nathen Harvey
Jamie Havins
Scott Case
Katie Pyontek
Andrew Gorcester
Kai Curtis
Jeffrey Lembeck
Karl Koscher
Robin Clowers
Sarah Garrity
Anne Kimsey
Akira Yamaguchi
Dean Marano
...and the many more who chose to remain anonymous!

We are so honored to have the support of the ruby dev community--so once again, thanks for sending us to RubyConf!

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