April 16, 2013 · community comics

Show Writeup: Slabtown Grrl Front

So, this weekend’s show at the slabtown grrrl front festival was a smashing success. We hung art on Thursday night and let people filter through, with the main show and auction on saturday. I pretty much had an entire brick wall to myself:

I went in to say hi on saturday before the show, but it was a little weird to watch strangers read my comics and giggle and point or just move on, so I left a bunch of cat cards for people to take and went to grab a pitcher with a friend. Here are a few women reading my comics before the show started with the wonderful Lucia Fasano, organizer extraordinaire of the art show, tabling and talking to another woman (you can also see one of my embroidery hoops hanging on the far right!):

slabtown grrl front festival

This was my first showing of comics since moving to portland and I even got a few mentions from people on the grrrl front facebook.com event page (“Great show! Great comics, great art”)! Hopefully there will be more opportunities to show with other awesome women creators in my future soon!

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