November 5, 2013 · community

My Ada Developers Academy Blog - Seattle.rb - Nov. 5th

Last night at Seattle.rb I met some guys from Code Fellows-about four different men (none of whom did the lightning talks). I also met Joseph from Simply Measured who gave a lightning talk. We chatted with a few other dudes in the bar after the meetup and met a C++ developer who just happened to be sitting at the bar near us.

I thought the asyncronous tasks with Fibers presentation was pretty interesting, although most of it went right over my head. I also liked the presentation about Rails security, which was entertaining, but also I thought that it was interesting to hear that Ruby thought it was a bug, not a security risk but Rails had to deal with it as a security risk. I'd like to learn more about the relationship there.

We went to the bar after, and that was interesting but we were confronted (again) with all the men's feelings about feminism and tech and that was a bit hard to handle. Sometimes I don't want to be a mouthpiece for feminism and women and Ada, I just want to be viewed as an Actual Human Being. I also kept getting asked what I'd like to do in the future and I found that question hard to answer since I am not sure of all the possibilities that lay ahead of us other than web developer.

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