About me

Hi! I'm Liz Rush, a freelance developer evangelist & engineer in Seattle, Washington. I am available to build small, custom websites and iOS apps. You can also hire me to help improve your API documentation, technical marketing/copy, or any other technical writing needs.

I slang Ruby, Objective-C/Swift, and HTML/CSS/JS. I'm interested in early-stage product development, startups, innovation & experimentation, and creating real world solutions. My path to becoming a developer started at Ada Developers Academy, where I graduated as part of the inaugural class. My professional background before learning to code mostly consists of marketing, translation (Spanish/Castellano), and a little bit of QA and test automation. My résumé can be found here.

In my free time, I like to do activism and volunteer work for women & girls as well as travel, cook, sew, and go out to live music & techno shows.